So many medieval outfits, so little time…

First, here’s a couple of sketches – I don’t have photos of the actual clothes, sorry – of garb outfits I already have:

It’s the same under-layer in each outfit – I like that shade of blue. (It’s also the same amber and garnet necklaces and the same “turtle” brooches.) One “apron” dress is a bright leafy green and the other one is a rich medium dark brown.

And I like this style for garb in hot weather because it lets me have layers without having too much. And the apron dress style is SO easy and comfortable to wear anyway – I don’t like clothes that are tight or get in the way.

So I’m making another one:

Another under-gown, actually, to go with the same brown apron dress. (That’s not pink, it’s “carnation,” so it IS period! 😛 )

Sometimes though I don’t need HOT weather garb – even in summer, New Mexico gets cold after dark – and I’d rather have the sorts of layers that are my favorite.

Like THIS:

This outfit is completely new. Dark brown under-gown, rusty coral-pink top layer. The neckline and sleeves will be edged with a slightly lighter coral pink SILK and embroidered. (I just drew squiggly lines to show the embroidery in the sketch, but it will be more complex on the actual gown.)

I WANT to get this last outfit finished before the end of April, just in case I end up going to an SCA event then. I haven’t even started on the pink part yet but I am more than half done with the under-gown. the embroidery is what will take the longest and I don’t REALLY have to do that until later – I can add the contrast fabric after the rest of the gown is complete.

This is a sketch of the embroidery design for the neckline and MAYBE also the sleeves:

The embroidery will (probably) be chain stitch in white silk.


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