fabric for Medieval-style… pillowcases

I just bought 3 yards of this fabric:

to make medieval-style pillow covers like these:

a friend put together this collection of illuminations from the Middle Ages showing blue-plaid pillowcases

It appears that light to medium blue and white “windowpane” plaid was VERY popular for bed pillows in the Middle Ages. (I did see a handful of pictures with other colors of this kind of plaid – red, tan, black, or green.)

When I saw that Fabrics.com was having a sale on Kaufman “Essex linen” (actually linen/cotton blend) I had to get some before it was out of stock again!

My husband and I plan to start getting our pavilion (if you’re not into historical re-enactment, that just means “fancy tent”) ready this summer. I don’t have much skill with woodworking to make furniture but I can make the cushions!


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