WiP quilt: Duke’s Dilemma


The photo shows 4 blocks together. Normally they’re not set this way — they’re usually set alternating with solid-colored blocks, but I like the secondary patterns (*glances at brother-in-law, shakes head*) that emerge when there are no blank spaces between the pieced blocks.

I drew the pattern for the blocks myself after seeing a photo of a standard-variety Duke’s Dilemma quilt. Each block is 14 inches; the quilt itself is 3 blocks wide and 4 long, plus an outer border.

It’s all pieced together now and I have done SOME of the quilting — wavy lines to look like either wood grain or water in a stream, interrupted here and there by the circles which have Celtic spirals in them and by leaf outlines in other parts of the blocks. Quilting-wise, this is my most ambitious project so far.


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