Stuff I made and stuff I’m making now

This is one of the things I made this summer. It’s a badge for the Shire of Blackwater Keep, the local chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism.


The fabric is 32-count linen, because I’m crazy and have an obsession with TINY stitches.

It was easy to get the design to fit in such a small space only 27 stitches wide, once I realized i didn’t have to include the laurel wreath that’s part of the Shire device. (A populace badge, which is what ordinary members of a group use, doesn’t have the laurel wreath. Also I ought to mention that someone from the group keeps writing “populous” instead of “populace” on Facebook and it is driving my friend Thomas INSANE. He keeps quoting Robert Frost as if that would do any good…He’s not in the SCA though so it’s none of his business.)

I also made a chart for a populace badge for the local kingdom, the Kingdom of the Outlands (that’s such a cool name, don’t you agree?), which is a white leaping deer on a green background. I managed to get that one down to 28 stitches across so it’s close to the same size as the Shire badge and is also about the size of a quarter in 32-count. (On normal 14-count Aida, though, it would be 2 inches across — HUGE! šŸ™‚ )

I am also working on some medieval-style clothes for myself and for my husband. I’ve got plenty of dresses but I still want more! Right now I am finishing a “sideless gown” from dark blue linen that I started a few years ago and then stopped working on. Well now I’m going to finish it! I thought it was almost done and then I noticed I’d forgotten to add the side gores… so I had to take out the side seams, and add the gores. Now the skirts are drooping and I’m not sure what to do, I think it’s caused by the weight of the fabric.

The other thing I’ve been making for medieval clothes is a “Herjolfnes cote” for my husband. It’s almost done too, but I need to check the fit before I sew the buttonholes. He bought me a new sewing machine — he’s used it more than I have so far! — so I wouldn’t have to make buttonholes by hand. The cote is dark green fabric because he’d seen one that color online and likes how it looks.


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