Photos of recent projects – unicorns, plus cats on quilt

I promised photos of some of the things I’ve made recently.

Here is the rampant unicorn stitched in both 14 count and 28 count to test that chart I made.


Here’s another unicorn. This one is for a 1 and 1/4 inch covered button. (Sorry about the blurry photo…)


I also have a few photos of my cats “helping” me make an appliqued-and-quilted wall hanging.

First Tabitha discovered it and decided it needed some cat hair to really look good… This was while I was putting the layers together.


Then Tabitha’s daughter Una came along to investigate…


…And Tabitha’s sister Calliope got in on the quilt-sitting action. By this point I had managed to partly baste the layers together despite feline interference.


The wall hanging is partly quilted now. My first real machine quilting project – yay! I did the background in a simple diamond grid, and I’ll outline the applique shapes using free motion quilting to make them stand out.

I made the pattern for the applique design from a cross stitch chart. It isn’t hard to do but it does take a lot of time. What I did was start with several sheets of 1/4 inch graph paper that I taped together to be big enough to have a grid the same size as the grid for the cross stitch chart. Then I copied the shapes from the chart – outlines only – onto the graph paper. Next I smoothed the outlines and made other adjustments. These shapes became the templates for the fabric pieces.

I traced the shapes onto separate paper so I could keep the original enlarged design. I used it to do the “pounce” method for transferring the design onto the background fabric (poke LOTS of pin holes along the lines you want to transfer, then place the pattern over the fabric and rub chalk powder over the holes to make dotted lines). That way I had a clear guide for where each shape belonged.

(This is by FAR the biggest/most complex applique project I’ve ever done. The last one was just a few paisley shapes on a pair of jeans.)


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