“Cathedral Window” pillow

I made this for my mother-in-law. She lives in Arizona, so I thought a Southwestern color scheme would be perfect.


The great thing about Cathedral Window “quilts” is that there’s actually NO QUILTING, which means no fighting with batting and backing. (Putting together and basting the layers of a quilt is the part every quilter hates.)

Aside from a couple of blocks that I later made into a little purse, this was the first thing I ever made with Cathedral Window blocks.

All hand-sewn – I don’t like the look of machine sewing for this block. IMO, if you sew everything down flat with machine stitches, you may as well make Orange Peel blocks instead and save yourself a lot of time messing with folded fabric.

The finished size of the pillow is 14 inches. There’s a buttoned flap on the back to remove the cover for laundering if necessary. The turquoise fabric isn’t as bright as it looks in this photo.


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