cross stitch charts: yes, you can change the colors :-)

What if the only chart you can find isn’t exactly what you want? “I like this design but the colors aren’t quite right.” Or, “I want to make a brown horse and all I have is a chart for a palomino.”

The colors shown in a chart are just to tell you what to use to make your own piece EXACTLY like that one. You aren’t required to use those colors. (You aren’t even required to use the same count fabric but that’s a topic for another post.)

I already showed you MY version of the detail from Teresa Wentzler’s “Castle Sampler” with bright autumn colors instead of the cool pastels of the original. Changing the colors in a chart THAT big requires graph paper, colored pencils, and lots of patience, but changing the colors for something small is EASY.


Here’s a little pink rose, only 21 stitches wide by 20 stitches high. Cute, right? But what if you don’t want a PINK rose? What if you want a YELLOW one?

Take a look at the colors in the chart. There are 3 shades of pink (and 2 of green) here. ALL you have to do to change this to a yellow rose is choose light, medium, and dark shades of yellow to replace the pink. (If you want, you can also change the greens like I did.) You don’t even have to make a new chart if you don’t want to – just make a note to help you remember that the symbol/color on the chart for “963 pink” will be stitched in “743 yellow” etc.


And here’s a silver rose. It would look nice on a bookmark…


Changing colors in a chart isn’t just for flowers. What about making a brown horse from a palomino? I don’t have a chart to use as an example but basically do the same as with those roses: select new light, medium, and dark (or more, if there are more than 3 shades) of the new color family. To make a palomino horse into a black one instead, use dark brown, brown-black, and black in place of the light, medium, and dark gold-tans. (Black horses are actually VERY dark brown, so the highlights in their coats are dark brown instead of charcoal gray.)



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