The mad prince’s favorite rug (in cross stitch)



The actual rug is finished but I don’t have a photo of that and my camera isn’t working again. THIS photo is just about actual size. It’s a work-in-progress picture of a miniature rug I made based on an even SMALLER drawing I found in a book. In the drawing, the whole rug was maybe 3/4 inch long. I enlarged the design to dollhouse scale and stitched it in 28-count (are you noticing a pattern?) cross stitch. The drawing wasn’t in color but I knew the rug should be green and tan.

The photo shows only half of the rug – the other half is a mirror-image of this part. The left-hand side in the picture is actually the center.

This rug will probably go in a miniature room box eventually. One of my NON-sewing/embroidery obsessions is dollhouses/miniatures and I happen to have a book full of floor plans of rooms I’d like to copy in dollhouse scale.

I call this “the mad prince’s favorite rug” because it came from part of a story in which one of the characters decides not to kill his brother (try to, anyway!) only because his brother is standing on his favorite rug at the time and he doesn’t want to get any blood on it. Since the brother he was thinking about killing happens to be my favorite character from that story, I thought the rug itself deserved to be “immortalized” in miniature at least.


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