and now for something… really old :-)


I don’t have a home for this embroidered trim yet except that I made it to decorate garb (medieval-style costume). I think it would look nice on something dark red (brown-based, not burgundy or rusty) but I haven’t found fabric in the right color that is also just the right balance of rich and… rustic, I guess. Hopsack-weave silk would be good, or maybe linen. Pell/velveteen is too fancy – too bad because I have some in the PERFECT red – and dupioni silk is right out!

I made a pair of bands to go around wide-ish sleeves on a tunic, each 19 inches long, which is an odd size but I wanted the repeats to come out even so there’s no disruption at the seam.

The chart came from The Needles Excellency, which is a VERY old book of embroidery and lace designs. (Published in the 1630s, IIRC.) Stitched with 3 shades of tan cotton floss on cotton/linen blend fabric. You can get a free PDF of scans of The Needles Excellency here.


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