monochrome cross stitch: quote with critter

And now for something truly geeky:


Sorry about the slightly blurry photo…

Al usual, this is 28-count cross stitch. I found the “critter” in a collection of antique embroidery charts and the sword is my own design. (It’s supposed to be a vorpal sword, which costs $20/hour — or part thereof — to rent… or at least that’s what the Cheshire Cat told the guy who borrowed it without paying. This quote is from a scene in a fantasy novel, Sign of Chaos, by Roger Zelazny. Spoiler: the bandersnatch dies. 🙂 ) The artist who did the most famous illustrations for Lewis Carroll’s stories (John Tenniel) didn’t do a picture of the bandersnatch, which is what I would have preferred and the picture of the jabberwock is huge, so I had to make do with a generic fantasy beastie.


Here it is after it was framed. The frame is padded with thin quilt batting and then covered in a damask-print cotton fabric.


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