linen purse with Viking hounds

I don’t know what got me on a “hounds” theme a few years ago, sometime in the middle of it I made this:


It’s not large, just enough room to hold a wallet, sunglasses, and a couple of other things. I’m big on MAKING purses, but I don’t like or need a big purse. 🙂

The chart came from a company that doesn’t exist anymore — Moongate, I think. Anyway, I had this chart for Viking-style hounds and although the design (2 hounds facing away from each other) was PROBABLY intended to go on the neckline of a tunic, I thought they’d look good in a row. And in 28-count instead of 14. (I know just about everyone says that stitching on 28-count fabric should be done over 2 threads to make the stitches 14-count anyway, but I don’t like the look of that.) I changed the colors from what was recommended, too.

The purse is made of green linen with contrast in pale yellow to match the colors of the hounds. There’s a zipper at the top. The strap is linen around round cotton rope and it is long enough to be worn cross-body.




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