the trouble with trying to FINISH what I stitch

I have too many MOSTLY-finished sewing/embroidery projects. I also have too much fabric that I bought for some project or another that I now know I’ll never make.

I cross stitch “bookmarks” (I don’t even USE bookmarks!) because they’re small and portable and because I like repeating patterns so I don’t have to look at the chart all the time. The trouble is I don’t DO anything with those short bands of embroidery after they’re stitched.

I have several mostly-finished patchwork or embroidered purses. Guess what? I don’t need more than one purse. I like making them because they’re useful AND pretty, but they’re not all that useful if I don’t use them, right? I think that’s why I get almost done and then leave them to make something else instead.

Right now, I have 3 pieces of embroidery that I started with the plan to make into mug rugs (like little place mats just the size for a coffee mug plus a snack), and I haven’t been able to find the kind of fabric I WANTED to back them with, so I’ll probably just put them in my “unfinished projects” box (who am I trying to kid? it’s a lot more than one box!) and forget about them. Then I’ll stitch a matching design for a tea cozy (I don’t have a tea pot) and put that in the UFO box too.

I see photographs online of little wooden boxes with cross stitch on the lid, and I think they’re really pretty (plus, I love little wooden or tin boxes) but I don’t have a USE for them, so I don’t use my own cross stitch pieces to decorate some. Boxes are supposed to be useful, right? Because you can keep stuff in them. But I know myself enough to know I wouldn’t use them to organize my sewing space or anything like that.

I DID make a couple of multi-“page” needle books to hold all (most) of my needles for hand sewing and embroidery. I even gave them titles like real books: The Book of Pointy Things and The Book of Sharp Objects. I need a title for the third book — turns out I have even more sewing needles than I realized. At least my pin cushion has room for the pins now.



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